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Abeo is Latin for change. In the business of government, everything changes, all the time. What seems to stay consistent is increasing demand and a longer to-do list with fewer resources.

So today more than ever, IM/IT, Corporate Services, and Programs must work in step with one another. When these functional disciplines synchronize their goals and processes, and speak a common language, streamlined collaboration is not just possible but also sustainable over the long term using BP&M ‘s ABEO – Activities for Business Enabling Outcomes framework.   


All about Abeo™

Abeo™ is BP&M’s business engagement framework—a model for coordinating functional areas in government departments and agencies. Abeo™ uses Lean and other best practices to establish effective long-term partner relationships between Programs, Corporate Services, and IM/IT.

To do this, we contextualize common and best practices, proven strategies, and standard industry frameworks to define both a multidisciplinary process model and a shared governance model that achieve the following:

  • Establish a common language that all parties understand and which aligns with Government of Canada policy frameworks.
  • Build a common understanding of mandate, strategies, deliverables, activities, and scope.
  • Align IM/IT investments with business needs and priorities.
    • In several cases, Government of Canada employees have implemented many of the Abeo™ elements – we assist them with the business integration in a public sector context which enables them to secure leadership endorsement.
  • Build business-oriented insight into technology planning, processes, and spending.
  • Establish terms of reference for investment planning, project and service delivery, and performance review.
  • Formalize how partners will work together.