Trusted IM/IT Partners and Advocates

BP&M Consulting has become a highly trusted partner for Government of Canada leaders who are accountable for IM/IT services because they know that their success is our only agenda.


We believe that helping you leverage your people — they understand your business and how technology can enable it — is what being a trusted partner to the public sector is all about.

Start strong.

Our projects are organized to promote employee engagement by placing employees—not consultants—in the core roles. Employees lead; we assist.

We only undertake projects once the conditions required for success are present. These conditions include executive buy-in, employees in the lead roles, and a measurable result to target.


Build capacity, not dependency.

We deliver results in the Plan and Build phases of the IM/IT lifecycle. We surpass traditional management consulting by not creating a dependency on our consultants or inserting ourselves into ongoing operations. Instead, we work alongside employees to help manage service providers and leverage and maximize employees’ skills through knowledge transfer so that we can rapidly hand over operations to those responsible for them: Employees.

BP&M helps to support your employees in three key ways:


By assessing the current state of the issues they face and advising them on how to plan and manage improvements.

By building a comprehensive and measurable “Go Forward Strategy”.

By helping IM/IT transform from “order takers” to co-creators of enterprise-level positive change.


Our senior consultants offer decades of experience as CEOs, COOs, CIOs and corporate leaders in the Canadian federal government and the private sector. Through this experience, we have built a thorough understanding of both the business and operational sides of IM/IT.


IM/IT Services


  • Independent Project Reviews
  • Project Recovery
  • Application and Source Code Reviews
  • IT Infrastructure Service Delivery Reviews
  • IM/IT Process Maturity Assessments
  • Management Accountability Framework (MAF) Assessment Support
  • IT Shared Services Alignment Evaluations

Strategic planning

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • IM/IT Plan Development
  • Shared Service Alignment Plan Development
  • Investment Planning / Business Case Development
  • Process Development for Planning (gating / evaluation / approval / governance)

Business transformation

  • Shared Governance Models
  • Client Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Strategic Project Delivery
  • Alternative Service Delivery
  • People Change Management
  • Integrated Process Management
  • Enterprise IT Asset Management