Lean Tools and Techniques

Yellow Belt


“Great, interactive, engaging, learning event. Time well spent. Can and will apply in everyday.”

“The mix of learning and practicing (workshops) makes for a very dynamic course where knowledge is immediately put in practice.”

– comments received from course participants

This two-day course is a progression from the BP&M Lean Fundamentals White Belt course. Through a mix of review, theory and hands-on application (workshops, case studies) this course gives you the knowledge and tools you need to not only apply Lean principles at work for greater efficiency and effectiveness, but gain the know-how necessary to reap the full benefits of a process-focused Kaizen Event. Furthermore, the course touches upon the steps involved in preparing for and facilitating a Kaizen Event equipping participants with the “know-how” to support a Lean Kaizen facilitator. A Kaizen Event is an established continuous improvement strategy and methodology for identifying small, incremental changes with high benefit to the organization that achieve functional improvements in business delivery activities.


  • This course is designed for employees, managers, and professionals who have completed the Lean Fundamentals White Belt course.
  • Managers and Executives. BP&M is happy to provide specialized courses for the Executive and CIO level. Please contact us for more information.


At the end of this two-day course, you will be able to:

  • Apply Lean Principles to assess a current state, identify waste areas and conditions, and highlight opportunities for improvement to achieve an improved future state.
  • Select and apply the appropriate Lean tools and techniques to understand a value stream, identify and assess waste, and highlight opportunities for improvement.
  • Understand the steps involved in preparing for and facilitating a Kaizen Event.
  • Support the Lean Kaizen Facilitator.

The Yellow Belt course continues the Lean journey. As you achieve efficiencies and learn more about Lean, we’ll help you record your Lean Development Units (LDUs) and Lean Registered Improvements (LRIs) to achieve your Lean Yellow Belt. This achievement opens the door to the Kaizen Event (Green Belt) component of your journey.


Two days of in-class training from 8:45 16:00


Courses are held in downtown Ottawa, and the location is confirmed at time of registration