Lean is a series of principles, concepts, and tools focused on eliminating, from end to end, the waste in any business process—including activities that consume resources without adding value, support uneven operations, and overburden resources.

Lean is not about eliminating jobs, bending rules, or adding to your collection of quality improvement program binders…It’s a different way of thinking about how you work, focused on cleaning out waste and enhancing people’s ability to deliver.


While becoming Lean is important for businesses in any sector, it’s particularly timely for the Government of Canada. Blueprint 2020, Destination 2020, and other cross-government and departmental modernization initiatives and plans are redefining how public servants work and what services they deliver.

To support this effort to deliver continuous improvement over the long term, BP&M offers a complete Lean Certification Program contextualized for the Public Sector. Our program helps government Programs, Corporate Services, and IM/IT organizations work together to improve their key processes and build internal “Lean” capacity in order to:

  • Build a culture of continuous improvement and process co-ownership
  • Engage employees in developing solutions
  • Empower workers with Lean thinking skills
  • Increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity
  • Focus on value-added activities that benefit clients
  • Remove waste in processes
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Identify key performance metrics to monitor progress
  • Enhance service delivery
  • Provide value for money


Our Lean Certification Program is built around progressive mastery and application of Lean Principles. We have structured this progression as a series of four “belts” – white, yellow, green, and black. You earn each belt through a combination of three elements:

  • Classroom courses
  • Lean Development Unit (LDU) hours
    • 1 hour = 1 LDU
    • A set number of hours for each belt demonstrates your ability to apply Lean principles and tools.
  • Lean Registered Improvements (LRIs)
    • Measurable continuous improvement achievements using Lean principles and tools.


To register for a course, or for more information on these courses, please contact